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Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon Logo
The toughest triathlon for the toughest athletes
in New Zealand
APRIL 4TH-6TH 2025

Entries Open August 2024


Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon Cycle

Kiwiman is the only extreme full distance triathlon in New Zealand and takes place in the heart of the West Coast, Taranaki.

Become part of the handful of legends that have conquered NZ's toughest race.

The race starts in New Plymouth with a 3600-meter swim in Lake Rotomanu before biking 194 km around Taranaki Maunga, followed by a 46km run finishing at the foot of the Maunga.

With unforgettable scenery and a challenge like no other, the Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon is a moment that will stick with you for life. The friendships, the successes and memories are like nothing else, changing you for ever. 

The Race 


Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon Swim

SWIM 3.6km

The stunning Lake Rotomanu, provides the perfect start, with water temperature sitting around 15deg Celsius. 

Kiwiman Swim
Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon Bike

BIKE 194km

Race around the mighty Taranaki Maunga, challenging you to climb the 4 peaks on your way round.

Kiwiman Bike
Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon Run

RUN 46km

Save energy for the challenging run, starting at sea level and claiming your right to be called a Kiwiman at the foot of the Maunga.


"Reflecting on last year's Kiwiman Extreme Triathlon, I can't help but smile at the adventure it was. It's not often in life that you get a second chance, a 'do-over,' to rewrite your race narrative. This event offered me just that opportunity. Imagine swimming, biking, and running in the most breathtaking landscapes, all while forging unbreakable bonds with like-minded athletes. At Kiwiman, you'll experience the thrill of pushing your limits, fuelling your body with energy-packed strategies, and cheering each other on through headwinds and climbs. From sunrise swims to sprinting through the finish line in the dark, every moment becomes a testament to your spirit. It's more than a triathlon; it's an extraordinary journey of camaraderie, resilience, and personal triumph." 

Shane Kent - Ultraman Australia Champion

"Kiwiman, a beautifully cleansing process jostling demons across 250km of brutal swim, bike and run. The toll to receive the Maunga's acceptance and allowed to pass through."

Billy Bowman - International Iron Man

“I raced in the Inaugural Kiwiman in 2018,  2019 and completed the double in 2021.


As a multiple Ironman finisher I wanted to test myself a little further. This race has all the endurance challenges and more,  but with a real community feeling. Having your support crew follow and share the experience makes it unique. The scenery is spectacular and the course brutal. Of all the races this is the one that makes me most proud.

Definitely a bucket list for any seasoned athlete as well as an introduction to ultra distance for those wishing to give it a try in a team”

Gareth Holebrook - Multiple Ironman Finisher

Kiwiman Xtreme Triathlon Teams

Be part of the next generation of Extreme Kiwiman

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